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Gig To See: Devin Cuddy with Brooks & Bowskill

March 2, 2024 at the Longboat Hall, Toronto, Ontario. Tickets $27.93

I discovered Brooks and Bowskill when they opened for Blue Rodeo at Massey Hall in 2023 on the one nighter Blue Rodeo show Songs Seldom Heard, along with their crackerjack band lineup of Kyler Tapscott (guitar), Steve O’Connor (keyboards), Wayne DeAdder (bass), and Ian McKeown (drums).

An infectious mix of traditional country, country rock, honky tonk, and country swing, with the beautiful voice of Brittany Brooks, gorgeous harmonies and arrangements, and the virtuosic guitar playing of Jimmy Bowskill, you'll be gobsmacked by how great Brooks and Bowskill are! Jimmy even did a bit of yodelling, much to the surprise and delight of the Massey Hall audience. Later in the evening Jimmy joined with Blue Rodeo, Jimmy on electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, pedal steel, and violin.

Brooks and Bowskill also opened for Blue Rodeo in St Catharines. Ontario, at the OLG Stage, when Blue Rodeo played the entire Five Days in July album to mark its 30th anniversary, with Brittany singing all the Sarah McLaughlan parts from various songs including the gorgeous, plaintive ballads, My Dark Angel, and What Is This Love?

Recently I saw the band at The Cameron in Toronto and they did not disappoint. My only caveat of the evening was the room was packed like sardines in a can! Thankfully the Longboat Hall has a capacity of 400, but it may very well be packed too! And if it is you'll still have an amazing time! Here's the title track of their album, Too Many Roads, with it's nice rockin' vibe...

And Distant Cowgirl, with it's classic country sound and Jimmy yodelling!

The headliner for the evening is Devin Cuddy, first born son of Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo, and a strong roots rock and country singer/songwriter in his own right. Devin's premiere album, Dear Jane, and his live performances are quickly making him many new fans where her plays.

Here's Devin and his band playing live the title track of the album, Dear Jane...

It's sure to be a great night of music, and for under $28 bucks a ticket??? Damn!

-Dave Brinton, True Rodeo.

Sources: Youtube,, & other sites as linked.

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