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Music Monday: Hasn't Hit Me Yet

Hey Blue Rodeo Fans,

Today is Music Monday, a new feature of our blog here at What we'll do is make Music Monday an all request day that's linked to our social media where you can request your favourite Blue Rodeo song! In return we'd like you to provide the following:

1. Your name and where you live.

2. Title of your favourite song.

3. A short explanation of why it's your favourite - does it bring back

memories of a person, event, or experience?

4. Any pictures of you at a Blue Rodeo concert or with a member of

Blue Rodeo. (optional)

Since this is the first Music Monday and we have no submissions - I should have posted the request last week! - I'll go first...

Hasn't Hit Me Yet

As it has for many people, Hasn't Hit Me Yet fast became one of my favourite Blue Rodeo songs. Here's Greg with Jim, both talking about how Hasn't Hit Me yet came about, along with a live version of Hasn't Hit Me Yet with The Skydiggers...(CBC Music)

The Lyrics - As Jim said in the above interview, "I remember when I first heard it thinking, 'That's a great song.' The urgency of the emotion in it is immediately identifiable, and also, the place. For Ontarioans [sic] at least, and I think for Canadians to a certain extent, having it placed in Southern Ontario and broadly on Lake Ontario with the snow coming down, is very important. I think it makes that idea romantic and attaches itself to all the other notions in the song."

And the idea of someone with a broken heart contemplating the experience is one that all of us can identify with. The line, "The Great Dark Wonder, into the waves of my heart," is one of my favourite lines of any song! So much so that I've often thought about getting a tattoo of it on my left forearm so I can see it while I'm playing Hasn't Hit Me Yet on my guitar with True Rodeo. I wish I had a copy of Greg's handwriting of it for the tattoo...

The Arrangement - The simply, yet instantly recognizable sound of Greg's acoustic capoed up two semitones and played in the key of E, along with Jim's mandolin signals the beginning of the song and instantly brings every Blue Rodeo audience to its feet! It's amazing to watch what happens next...

The audience sings the first two verses and the chorus as the band quietly joins in, then hits it at the end of the first chorus!!! It gives me goosebumps just to hear it on the video as I type this! To experience this live is truly astoundingly exciting and beautiful - even cathartic. A rare moment of pure joy and community with thousands singing and dancing together! And for the band it must be amazing to see and hear it happen again and again at show after show! Played at the end of every True Rodeo show, the audience leaves walking on air. Go see Blue Rodeo live and experience for yourself. If you have already, count yourself fortunate for having shared a truly beautiful experience with the countless thousands of fellow Blue Rodeo fans!

-Dave Brinton, True Rodeo

Sources: CBC Music, YouTube, Wikipedia.

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