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Canada's Truest Blue Rodeo Tribute

"This is fantastic! I've seen several Blue Rodeo

tribute bands and I have to say, you guys are the best!"

- Claire Cascone

Comprised of six seasoned musicians, all Blue Rodeo fans themselves, with countless performances over four decades in many other bands, True Rodeo is Canada's most authentic Blue Rodeo experience. Beautiful lead vocals and harmonies, true to the original songs in both recorded and live arrangements, and outstanding musicianship are the hallmarks of every True Rodeo show. 

True Rodeo  is available for your event - festivals, theatres, private and corporate performances - to bring the most loved songs of Canada's most loved band to you.

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Thank you for coming. 


True Rodeo's Next Show...


TRUE RODEO at The Linsmore Tavern   Friday, May 20th

True Rodeo is kicking off 2022 at the legendary Linsmore Tavern in the heart of the Danforth! Come out for a night of your favourite Blue Rodeo tunes!


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