Playing the Guitar

What's Being Said About True Rodeo

“That was great, thanks for sharing! :-) “ - Jane Klis Cybulskie, Administrator of Blue Rodeo Crazies, FB group with over 4300 members

“Love it!” - Andrew Sherbin

“Sounds amazing, True Rodeo!” - Jani Wales

“Take a bow! That was great!” - Loretta Byrnes

“Great job TRUE RODEO! I enjoyed it.” - Carol Zarb

“This is terrific! You guys sounds great!” - Jacki Andre

​“Awesome, sounds like Jim Cuddy for sure.” - Dede Dwyer

“Awesome, really enjoyed it and looking forward to more!” - Judy Powell

“Wow, very nice, great sound and very professional.” - Karen MacLennan

“My favourite Blue Rodeo song…Love. It. Sounds amazing!!!!” - Jennifer Cannataro

“That was great, sounded so much like them. Even the bass player reminded me of Baz. Well done!”

                                                                                                                                                                 - Claire Cascone

“This just literally popped up as the next video, what an amazing surprise! Nice job, you all sound awesome! Great tune!” - Charlene Winger