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"They do Blue Rodeo better than Blue Rodeo!"

- A fan, Oakville Ribfest 2023.

True Rodeo received a Like from Greg Keelor himself for our video of Blue Rodeo's Head Over Heels!

"True Rodeo did an excellent job. They were very professional and a joy to work with." 

- Elwood Saracuse, Director, ESP Entertainment

"True Rodeo is unreal! The entire community is and will be buzzing for quite some time! Excited to see you and the band at the end of August at Horseshoe Valley Resort!"

- Andy Stoikos

"True Rodeo brought unmatched depth and spirit to each and every song they played!  A truly spine tingling performance that I can well believe Cuddy & Co. would have appreciated, and, perhaps, even envied, had they been in the room!"

- Alan Heavenrich at the Moonshine Cafe

“Awesome, really enjoyed it and looking forward to more!”

- Judy Powell


- Andy Sherbin

2024-01-06 12.52.36 am.png

True Rodeo is tight. The vocals and instrumentation are amazing. They also have a very engaging stage presence which audiences warm to immediately. 

If you don’t book True Rodeo you and your audiences will be missing out on a great treat.

​- Ken Coulter, Oakville Family Ribfest Co-Chair

Rotary Club of Oakville Trafalgar Past President

Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts Director (retired)

"First time hearing True Rodeo. Absolutely outstanding, you guys! I'm listening to Five Days in July as we speak and your vocals and instrumentals still blow me away!"

- Vicki Mowat

"True Rodeo is the

best Blue Rodeo cover band I’ve heard! Seriously, have you heard Vito Alvaro’s voice??? Can’t wait to take in some of their shows!!!"

- Veronica Reed

“This just literally popped up as the next video, what an amazing surprise! Nice job, you all sound awesome!”

- Charlene Winger

“That was great, thanks for sharing! :-) “

- Jane Klis Cybulskie

Administrator of Blue Rodeo Crazies

FB group with over 4500 members

“That was great, sounded so much like them. Even the bass player reminded me of Baz. Well done!”

  - Claire Cascone

“Wow, very nice, great sound and very professional.” - Karen MacLennan

“Awesome, sounds like Jim Cuddy for sure.” - Dede Dwyer

A Little Love for True Rodeo Live

We're delighted that folks are enjoying our interpretations of such iconic 

Blue Rodeo songs like After the Rain, recorded live at Wasaga Beach 

on July 1, 2022.

Check it out under the VIDEOS tab.

With over 1000+ views and counting

on social media and Youtube,

we hope you'll join us on

Youtube, FB, IG, and X (stupid name!)

for videos, pics, & show updates.

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