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Throwback Thursday: Blue Rodeo Edition

Hey Blue Rodeoites (??!!),

Throwback Thursdays are popular on social media, and ours will be focused on

- who else? - Blue Rodeo. This is YOUR opportunity to submit photos or videos that you or our loved ones have taken at a Blue Rodeo gig. If your video is too big please provide a link that I can include in the post.

Please email them to me and include your name, and the date and location of the show. No stories needed, no memories required (they won't be included, those are for Music Memory Mondays). Please type T T or Throwback Thursday in the email title. - Thanks!

Today's TT Video: English Bay

Here's English Bay from the OLG Casino Stage Fallsview Casino show in Niagara Falls, Ontario 2023 that I attended. Apology for the beginning being a bit clipped. The OLG Casino Stage has an amazing sound system and wonderful sight lines. I recommend you see a Blue ROdeo show there if you get the chance.


Send those pictures and those video links to me today - or some time before next Thursday. Remember, they must be your own or your family's videos and/or pictures. I want to give credit whenever possible. We'll see you down the road...

-Dave Brinton, Ture Rodeo.

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