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Fretwork Friday Bonus: Colin, Jimmy and Old Faithful

Hey Blue Rodeo Fans,

Yes, yes, I know it's Saturday - BTW Happy Lunar New Year! Year of the Wood Dragon! - but I just had to share this great video of Blue Rodeo's The Railroad with an epic guitar battle between Colin Cripps and Jimmy Bowskill, both wielding their Fender Telecasters, Jimmy playing Old Faithful. (See yesterday's post) Damn, can Colin and Jimmy every rip it up! And Mike Boguski with a tasty according solo too! And then the crazy fast ending, like a locomotive gone wild!!! Wow!

Recorded live at First Hamilton Place, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I had the great fortune of being at this show!!!

-Dave Brinton, True Rodeo

Sources:, Youtube, and other sites as linked to.

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