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Fretwork Friday Bonus: The Many SGs of Colin Cripps

Hey Blue Rodeo Fans,

This post is for all my fellow gearheads and gearheads in the making - A gaggle of Colin Cripps' Gibson SGs to gawk at! Unlike many guitar players - such as myself - with a bad, chronic case of GAS (Guitar Aquisition Syndrome) BTW, the formula for the ideal number of guitars is as follows:

I = P+1

That is, Ideal number of guitars equals present number of guitars plus one.

Colin has been able to indulge his love for guitars and associated gear, and now we are able to enjoy it vicariously through Colin's Instagram page!

But First a Short Sidetrip - Colin's Instagram Page

For ANYONE who is a fan of guitars, acoustic and electric, of guitar related gear like amplifiers, guitar straps, and more, of live music, of Canadian music, vintage denim clothing and of course of "Blue Rodeo member, Jim Cuddy Band, Kathleen Edwards, C&C Surf Factory, Record Producer, Vintage guitar junkie, Denim King..." Colin Cripps, YOU MUST check out Colin's Instagram page...

Without Further Adieu, Let the Gawking Begin!

Everything that follows is from Colin's Instagram Page...

Golden era Gibson SG party… [left to right]

1964 SG special, 1964 SG standard, 1961 SG/Les Paul custom, 1962 SG standard and 1962 SG special…#gibsonsg #gibsonguitars #electricguitar #guitar #ccripps

I’m clearly quite fond of the Gibson SG Standard finished in Cherry Red.

Specifically the years 1964, and 1962.

1964 Gibson SG Std w maestro vibrola, 1964 Gibson SG Std w maestro vibrola, and 1962 Gibson SG/Les Paul Std w “Ebony Block” maestro vibrola

These are the best version/years of this model in my humble opinion..

1964 Gibson SG Standard - Headstock

1964 Gibson SG Standard in Pelham Blue

Gibson SG group...

1964 Gibson SG Cherry Red

1964 Gibson SG Std. In Pelham Blue

1964 Gibson SG Std. in Cherry Red

1965 Gibson SG Melody Maker in Pelham Blue

(R) 1964 Gibson SG Standard in Pelham Blue...

(L) 1965 Gibson SG Melody Maker in Pelham Blue...

Notice the colour difference. This happened when the clear lacquer finish yellowed with age leaving the blue looking more a shade of green.. They certainly left the factory looking the same.. 

1964 Gibson SG In Pelham Blue...

Made a new fan tonight…

Nothing like playing to a dancing snowman with a candy cane saxophone.

Thanks for documenting this@braddalgarno@lesleydalgarno

A career highlight…🙋‍♂️💥🎸

Another Very Special Thank You

Another very special thank you to Colin Cripps for the many pics and information I "borrowed" from your Instagram page for this post. That's now two beers that I owe you, Colin...

-Dave Brinton, True Rodeo

Sources: Mr. Colin Cripps' Instagram Page:

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