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Music Memory Monday: Sad Nights

Hey Blue Rodeo Fans,

This MMM is from Margaret Truskolaski, from the super cool FB group Blue Rodeo Crazies, 5,500+ strong! Here's Margaret...

The official video for Sad Nights

Here's Jim telling the story of, and singing Sad Nights, in 2011 at the Savoy Theatre in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia...

Jim: “Years ago when we lived in New York, my wife was going to acting school, Greg and I were trying to get a band together, and this was, uh, this was before my wife and I got married. And you really think, I don’t know why our parents didn’t try to stop us, I mean, an actor and a musician? (laughter from the crowd) Just by the luck of the draw, we made it through. Anyway, this was a time she used to go work at the film festival and we lived in New York City. That was when I realized, that it was too hard to do without her, so that’s why we got married. (applause)

Jim sings:

Walked you to the corner

Stood beside the bus

And tears rolled down our faces

As the driver stared at us

Typical summer

That time of year

When you go back to Toronto

And I stay here

And I miss the way you wake up

And the way you sigh

And I miss the way you turn your head away when you cry

I don't think this time will fly

Here comes sad nights again

Here comes

Sad nights again

Around about midnight

When it's still too hot to think

We'll go back down to the neighbourhood

And get ourselves a drink

Every day working

Not getting far

No, this town ain't much for starting off

It's only made for stars

And later when I'm walking underneath the starless sky

There's a couple in a doorway

And I think I hear them cry

But they turn their heads

When I go by

Here comes sad nights again

Here comes

Sad nights again

Last days of summer

San Janelle feast

There's music hanging in the air

And dancing in the streets

People line the corners

And they stand beside the fires

And I'm watching from my window

As the sparks go by

And somewhere there's a gunshot

People scatter everywhere

And it happens every day

So there's still laughter in the air

And as I lay down

I wish you were here

And here comes sad nights again

Here comes

Sad nights again

Here comes sad nights again

Well this is a good place to sign off, it should give all of us a chance to find a box of Kleenex...

Thanks to Margaret Truskolaski for her Music Memory, and to you for dropping by.

We'll see you down the road...

Dave Brinton, True Rodeo.

Sources: Margaret Truskolaski, Youtube, and other sites as linked.

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