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Track Focus Tuesday: Bulletproof

Updated: Jan 31

Hey Blue Rodeo Fans,

Welcome to a rather abridged Track Focus Tuesday, because of me driving to Toronto to track down a vintage low watt amp from the 1980s, a Fender Champ 12, one of the early ones that were made in the USA. Later ones were made in Mexico. This one was found in the basement of an east end home and although it sounds great, it needs some TLC. So I've disassembled it and I'm in the process of giving it a much deserved facelift. So, TFT today will be a more condensed version. Hopefully you'll still enjoy it...

From 2002's Palace of Gold, a Blue Rodeo album that was sonically very different that previous songs and albums. Strings, horns, a very lush production, that pays homage to the Stax Records of days gone by. So, here's the big song from the album, and one that still gives me goosebumps every time - Bulletproof...

Jim and Greg discussing Bulletproof and Palace of Gold on CBC's Q... (For some reason I can't embed clips.)

Clip 1...

Clip 2

And here's Blue Rodeo on the legendary live music program, Austin City Limits!

And to end, a little something that should really be on a What The!! Wednesday, a karaoke version of Bulletproof! It's actually a pretty good version, so if you care to take a shot at singing Bulletproof yourself, now's your chance!

Until tomorrow, thanks for dropping in, we'll see you down the road...

-Dave Brinton, True Rodeo

Sources: Youtube, CBC Music, and others as linked to.

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