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Tremolo Tuesday: Tremolo, the Album

Updated: Jan 24

Hey Blue Rodeo Fans,

Phew! I'm squeezing in today's feature with just over 5 hours left in the day! Before we start, go put Blue Rodeo's Tremolo on the stereo...

All set? Okay let's go...

Another new feature that will crop up now and again is Tremolo Tuesday, focusing specifically on Tremolo, Blue Rodeo's seventh album, released in 1997. Today we'll have a bit of an overview of the album itself...

Comprising 14 tracks, the band were not given the songs by Jim and Greg, nor did they rehearse the new songs until the day before they were recorded in order to capture the spontaneity that many critics said was lacking from the too well mannered previous recording, Nowhere To Here.

An electic mix of country, rock, with some tinges of jazz, and even an instrumental, Tremolo was generally well received despite its varied nature. It reached #8 in the Canadian RPM Top Albums chart, and #1 in the Canadian RPM Country Albums chart. Tremolo reached platinum record sales status in Canada. It Could Happen To You reached #4 on the RPM Canada Top Singles chart and was a number eight hit on the Canadian Adult Contemporary chart.

Other standout tracks included Fallen From Grace

And a personal favourite, the edgy country rock of No Miracle, No Dazzle, written by Jim, Greg, Colin Cripps (Crash Vegas, Blue Rodeo, Jim Cuddy Band), and Michelle McAdorey (Crash Vegas). Those vocals where Greg's voice is on the edge of breaking up are among my favourites!

Okay, so if you don't have Tremolo yet, what are you waiting for? It's an interesting and ultimately satisfying album. Drop by tomorrow where I answer the question, "Hey Dave, just what the hell IS tremolo??"

-Dave Brinton, True Rodeo

Sources: YouTube, Wikipedia,,,, and others as linked.

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